Friday, May 29, 2009

He made it!!!


Last week Mr. Well Rounded auditioned for the highest choir in his high school. It is a VERY selective group made up of only juniors and seniors. As far as males are concerned, they are losing 6 seniors with one current junior remaining; but, at least 10 males of varying voices tried out for those 6 spots. He had a feeling he would not make it since he splits his time between choir and band...the director kind of told him that although he has been one of his most serious students this year, he was always playing catch-up because he had to be in band every other day. We told him he could quit band (although we just bought the new wooden clarinet last year!) but he doesn't want to. He joined choir this year because he did not like the varsity band director, but next year for concert band, he will once again have an amazing conductor. What he wasn't counting on, though, was how much he would end up enjoying choir. He even asked for summer vocal lessons to help continue his growth.

Going to school this morning, he was nervous. The call back list would be posted sometime today. The director said if you are on that list, you made a group (there are two groups for females). He texted me a few minutes ago to tell me he made it! I am so happy for him. I see how hard he is working and how much he wanted this. I also know God has gifted him with a beautiful voice. He already leads worship for both middle and high school youth groups. I am so thankful he sees his talent as a gift from God and is using it to His glory. Am I a proud momma right now? You betcha!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Everyday life once again

It has certainly been a strange springtime here in Minnesota. I am concerned that our severe lack of rain will adversely affect the apple crop this fall. That will be bad for Mr. Gameboy's annual job at the apple orchard. Last year, his season did not end until mid-November. The year before that he as done the second week of October. This is shaping up to be an October-ending season. Yesterday's high was 97* and today so far it is 95*. Way too hot for May. The wind is ridiculous as well today. Gusts have been 50 mph. Miss Bookworm and I spent some time at the lake today. The waves were amazing! I am close to finishing Do Hard Things by the Harris twins. I am trying to figure out a way to get the kids to read this book over the summer. There are so many gems in that book. Beyond this, life has been just orinary and busy. I like this for a change. Our young friend has been staying at home as far as I know. He is back to riding the bus to school which has made Mr. Well Rounded very happy because he is now able to drive to school in the morning again. It is nice to have things back to "normal" around here. School is done for Miss Bookworm and me and only 10 more schooldays for Mr. Well Rounded. I am ready for summer break to start for all of us. A scattered post for sure but for once it is nice to only blog about everyday things and not problems or catastrophes.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


No, not the book of the Bible Revelations...a small "r" on purpose. I have had some revelations today. It is a gorgeous spring day in Central Minnesota today. As I type this entry, it is 75*, sunny with a few clouds, and breezy. The breeze is keeping the house cool enough to bake chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. I sat outside on the deck today to eat my lunch of last night's leftovers. There was a red-headed woodpecker in the tree making a beautiful racket, a red winged blackbird sitting on the dog kennel singing beautifully, and a chipmunk scurrying about collecting food the squirrels had dropped. For just a short while, I didn't hear the traffic out front, or trains going by or Zach's music playing from inside the house. I was lost in nature. I thought how awesome God had made this world for us and how little we often stop to take it all in. Then I thought of the last few days with Mr. Well Rounded's friend. The stress, worry, anxiety tried to break through again. That is when I had my revelation. If it were not for the things in this life that bother, hurt, worry, stress, and all out tax me, I would easily fall in love with this world. I would easily seek to gather all the "stuff" I could so I could be like others in my life--drive a nice vehicle, wear name brand clothes, eat out most nights for dinner, buy my kids the things they want but do not necessarily need--all things even many of my Christian friends around me do. How often have I heard the lament from my oldest daughter that someone's parent bought THEM a car...why won't you buy me one? I know if I could I would buy her a nicer one than someone else had just so she would look as good as others, but what would that be teaching her-- to fall in love with the things of this world. When we die or Christ returns, whichever comes first, those things will be left behind for the looters to take. They will not be necessary in our real home. Perhaps this is why God sends trials and troubles into our keep us from falling in love with this temporary dwelling. So, while I am here, I will try to enjoy the gifts given to me...those that cost money as well as those that are free from God--birds, waterfalls, flowers, growing vegetables, rain, sun--and remember that even better things await me when I reach my final destination.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a better night

Thankfully, last night was a much better night than the previous one. Mr. Well Rounded is exhausted for sure, but there wasn't any arguing or talking about death as there had been. His mom is supposed to come home today. I know the young man is not looking forward to going home--he told that to both Mr. Well Rounded and Miss Musicwriter, but I know his mom will be happy to see him. I think it will be the first time Mr. Well Rounded has slept in his own room in quite some time. While his friend is here, they sleep in our family room. I know God cares abdout this young man and I know He has a plan for his life. If he did not, He would not have created him. I am not sure where we fit into that plan except to be a support system for him. In doing that, though, I need to watch the emotional health of my own son. That is the line I am having trouble walking. How do I protect my own son without turning my back on this young man? I pray God shows me the way.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

demons in a life

Life has been a difficult row to hoe the last few months. My 16 year old son's friend has been staying with us on and off because of problems at home. If this were the extent of it, I would be just fine. Adding one more teen to the mix in this house would be nothing to me. The issue is, it isn't just adding a teen whose home life stinks; this boy has some serious issues he brings with him. He is convinced that there is a demon telling him to kill himself. Apparently, the demon has now told him if he doesn't take his own life, the demon will kill 4 of his friends (my son being one of them). Now, I believe in the existence of demons. Jesus dealt with demons in the New Testament and I believe Satan uses his demons to attack Christians today. I also believe, though, that Jesus is more powerful than any demon we may encounter. Last night, as I tried to explain this to this young man (who is a child of God) my heart was breaking for his pain. He just isn't thinking straight and does not see any hope for his future. He has seen a Dr as recent as last week. The Dr held him in the hospital for a few hours on suicide watch and then released medications. I was appalled at the level of his depression that he was not put on medicine. My son is overwhelmed at this point. He did not know how deep this was going to get when he got involved. He was crying last night as well saying he couldn;t take this anymore. I need to watch out for my own son but cannot turn my back on this young man either. I am riding an emotional roller coaster that is a living hell. I want to get off but the ride won't stop. I have prayed and prayed for deliverance for this young man but so far to no avail. One minute he seems happy and fine--the next minute he is ready to take his life. His moods are unpredictable and although he has always been honest and respectful with my husband and me, it is wearing me down. I have used all resources that I know of and so far have come up empty. This seems so unfair yet I know God has a plan. I continue to trust, even if that trust is weak right now.