Sunday, May 26, 2013

Geesh! One disappears for a while and everything changes. It took me some time to actually get signed in to this blog again.

Life has held MANY experiences in the last 18 months or so since I last wrote. The two biggest are definitely the turn around of our marriage and the loss of my precious fluffy friend, Molly. Talk about emotions that are at extreme opposite of the spectrum.

I have been challenged by more than one person to write a book. I'm not sure I have the self confidence to attempt that but I know I have enough material for one.

Today my mind is filled with thoughts of the Christian life in this world. It seems like Christianity comes so easy to many around me. For me, this is just not the case. I struggle with the desire to even know Jesus or spend time with him. I struggle with why terrible things happen and why we have to be in this world so long.

I'm also wondering why I struggle so much with changes in routine.

More to come on these things. For now, I will continue to ponder, wonder, draw conclusions, and shed many tears.